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mns central heating installation and repair

mns heating and plumbing take your central heating very seriously.
Our engineers are fully qualified and accredited and we are on the Gas Safe Register.
We specialise in economic heating systems that can save you money both in installation and running.

Heating, Boilers and Controllers

mns heating and plumbing are an energy efficiency accredited company that complies with the latest legislation and offer a rapid response across the West of Scotland.
As a Worcester Accredited Installer and Service Partner, we provide a 5 year warranty on Worcester Borsch boilers fitted which are serviced annually.
mns heating and plumbing offer a full range of boilers and heating systems to suit your needs.

mns heating and plumbing install and repair all types of central heating systems

Our services also include:

  • Combi boiler replacements
  • Upgrade to condensing boilers
  • System design and installation
  • Industrial and commercial boilers
  • Power flushing
  • Fault finding on pumps, fans, gas valves and wiring controls motorised valves, thermostats, electronic and manual programmers
  • Landlords gas safety certificates
  • Thermostatic radiator valves and system balancing
  • Re-routing gas supply pipe work
  • Installation of radiator packs
  • Gas fires
  • Gas fired un-vented hot water cylinders
  • Annual servicing to combination, condensing and system boilers

• Controller upgrade and modernisation
• Underfloor heating systems
• All installations Part L compliant & guaranteed

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Power Flushing

Is your heating slow to warm up? Do you have radiators that are cold or need constant bleeding? Is your boiler noisy? Is your radiator water dirty?
mns heating and plumbing can help and save you money too!
We offer a full and comprehensive power-flushing service across the west of Scotland.
As your heating system ages the efficiency will drop, costing you more and more as time goes on. The settlement of debris in the radiators also affects the performance of your system. This can lead to a boiler failure which then needs to be repaired or replaced.
Power flushing is the ideal method to clean your heating system, restoring performance, prolonging system life and the results are amazing!
We use cleaning chemicals in the power flushing process which restore circulation and efficiency to the heating system.
It works by removing the dirt and debris - "cleaning" the pipe-work and radiators of the heating system. After cleaning we add a corrosion inhibitor to preserve your system and prolong its life.

Power Flushing New Boiler Systems

New "high efficiency" boilers are developed to minimise fuel costs and pollution.
When fitting a new boiler we recommend a power flush to ensure the new boiler works to it's optimum level, giving your whole system the best possible start.

Energy Saving

Condensing boilers are the most energy efficient boiler that can be installed saving you up to £230 can be made each year.
New building regulations introduced in April 2005 state that any new boilers installed must be condensing.
There are two different types of condensing boilers available:
Regular - Works with your existing hot water cylinder. It is the best choice if you have more than 2 bathrooms or your mains pressure is low.
Combi - The original tank is removed and the combi boiler will produce hot water on demand.

How do condensing type boilers work?

On a standard boiler heat is lost through a flue, on condensing boilers a second heat exchanger is used to trap heat which is normally lost and turns it back into liquid water or condensate. Condensing boilers also has a valve which can regulate the temperature, this means that if the house is up to the temperature required rather than turning on and off like a standard boiler it will turn the gas down and therefore reduces the temperature and save money.


mns heating and plumbing provide a full range of services
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